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 Deck of the week

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PostSubject: Deck of the week   Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:14 am

Fire fist are this weeks deck of the week. ive been enjoying this deck bcuz this deck has so many answers to other cards plus it can otk so hard. The boss monster tiger king helps get those spellcards u need. i bassicly use it to get more xyz done. this deck is a well balance deck i can play controll and swarm. The version im playing uses rabbit. Rescue rabbit helps u get the boss monster out so easy. then i use leviqair to get rabbit again. one of my favorite cards in this deck is bear. i gets over a card which helps set up for the otk. this deck is just over all amazing. this is a deck that excells in summoning rank 4 monsters. which is amazing it is also an easy deck to learn i reccomend it highly. plz give me feedback on how u like this deck.
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Deck of the week
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