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 worst tourny ever in dn

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PostSubject: worst tourny ever in dn   Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:58 am

ok the guy is hosting a tourny he says a character deck i pm him and tell him should it be pure character deck or just character themed he says pure one i tell him like i cant put monster reborn if the dude in the anime doesnt uses monster reborn he says yes and i say ok i make a crystal beast 100% pure 8 person tourny i win the first round the guy used yuseis deck a pure one. next round my next opponent says im using alexis's deck i say good then both gx we both say gl now in the duel the cards he used r : dark hole . solemn both of them , waboku . marauding captain . some trap that wont let me attack if he has 2 or more attack postion monsters. monster reborn. mirror force , tt can you believe it the host tells me to make a pure 1 and told the others its ok if its character themed -__- still the duel took 55 min a single duel i made his lp 1200 but he won who wouldnt with those cards against a pure crystal beast deck
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worst tourny ever in dn
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