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 Article Deck Making 101: Consistency, Balance, and Stack

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(SW) Hurricane
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PostSubject: Article Deck Making 101: Consistency, Balance, and Stack   Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:19 pm

Hey guys, it's Hurricane here for another article in deck making. This time, I'll be focusing on how to make a deck more consistent, and to get the best hands you can possibly get for specific decks. Let's get started.


     If you've ever had problems with bad hands or dead draws, balance is the real problem. When most people make decks, they try to fit in all of their favorite cards, and generally overlook the importance of balance in the deck. I can't tell you how many people go to make their first deck, and it's either almost entirely monsters, or proportionally incorrect regarding spells and traps. The best way to test for good balance in your deck is to simply draw a hand, see if it has a good amount of the cards you need, send all of those to the grave, and repeat the process. If 7 out of 8 of those hands are usable, your deck is well balanced and consistent. If not, then you need some work. Different decks have different ways to balance themselves out. Most decks will be consistent with 20 Monsters, 11 Spells, and 9 Traps (using a 40 card stack). Some decks, such as Chaos decks will almost always have 25-30 Monster cards in them, and no Traps other than 1 Treacherous Trap Hole. Another deck that follows this pattern is Frognarchs. Spell heavy decks can range from having anywhere between 15 to 31 Spell cards. The Bubble Beatdown generally uses 9 Monsters, and 30 Spell cards, and Treacherous Trap Hole. Decks that are Spell heavy include: HERO, Infernity, Spellbook/Prophecy, Psychic, Nordic Beast, and any sort of Draw Power focused deck. Finally, we have our Trap heavy decks. These will punish anyone for expecting to accomplish anything without running triple MST, but it is also punished by Royal Decree. These decks can range anywhere from having 14-30 Traps. The only common 30 Trap deck that I know of is the Trap Monster/Uria deck. Other decks that focus heavily on Traps are Control, Lock, or Stun decks.

Also, please note that most decks in today's meta tend to have 18 Monsters, 10 Spells, and 12 Traps.


     If you ever start a duel against someone with a 60 card deck, you know you've got an easy win. Most decks with anywhere over 43 cards in them tend to have frequent bad draws, bad hands, and just random Poo (AKA tech) thrown into them while keeping the cards crucial to the deck. 40 card decks have proved to be the most consistent decks in Yu-Gi-Oh, and they also allow for the most top-decking :3. When building your deck, it is best to keep the number of cards in it at 40, maybe 41 if there's a card you need to have but don't know what to take out for it. The only exceptions to the 40 card rule are decks that focus on Self-Milling (e.g. Lightsworn, Empty Jar, Blasting the Ruins). If you are making a Self-Miling deck, it is best to max out at 45 cards.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this article, and I should have another one up next week. Comment below on what you want me to focus on Very Happy

Until Then,
          Hurricane Like a Star @ heaven
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(SW) Aklys
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PostSubject: Re: Article Deck Making 101: Consistency, Balance, and Stack   Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:30 am

nice article, it gave me some information and some things to think about while I'm making and refining my decks so thank you and I'll be looking forward to your next segment Smile
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Article Deck Making 101: Consistency, Balance, and Stack
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