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 Tech Time With Aklys #3

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(SW) Aklys
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Premium Member

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PostSubject: Tech Time With Aklys #3    Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:15 pm

Alright guys, here comes segment number 3 of Tech Time With Me, Your Host, Aklys Smile

Tech Card #3: Debunk
Ok guys, this is a real tech card among tech cards, this card stops Effect Veiler, Battle Fader, Gorz, Tragoedia, Honest, Kalut, and the occasional Shien's Squire, it's a Counter Trap, making it a spell speed 3, on top of stopping the effects in hand, it also banishes the target so it can't be Monster Reborned.
This card also stops monster effects that activate in the graveyard, so Sangan, XX-Saber Emmersblade, Giant Rat, anything along those lines, anything that gets destroyed by battle and sent to the graveyard that gets an effect from that, this card stops. Now this one is a little bit harder to incorporate into a deck unless you have extra space, it's got a great effect, it helps a lot against stuff like Mermails, especially against their pesky Atlantean patrons that like to scamper to the graveyard and take one of your cards with them, chain a Debunk and their efforts are wasted Smile
Overall this is a good card, it may be a little difficult for you to incorporate into a deck but give it a try, it can prove much more effective when you need it. If nothing else, side deck it if you've got space, you never know when you're gonna run into Darkworlds and need to stop their Grapha.
Thanks guys for reading this and I hope this gave you a good feel for the card and its uses, give me some feedback and if you have any suggestions for stuff to do basically a review of, let me know, I'll consider them. Have a good day guys Smile
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(SW) Jetstream
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PostSubject: Re: Tech Time With Aklys #3    Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:37 pm

You went for Debunk Very Happy

It's insane how useful this card can be against certain meta decks such as Dark World and Merm-Atlanteans, not to mention their soon-to-arrive counterparts, the Fire Kings
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(SW) Gale
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PostSubject: Re: Tech Time With Aklys #3    Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:17 pm

nice work Smile
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(SW) Hurricane
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PostSubject: Re: Tech Time With Aklys #3    Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:43 pm

That's where I first heard of Debunk. Kills Prophecy too
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PostSubject: Re: Tech Time With Aklys #3    

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Tech Time With Aklys #3
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