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 Team (SW) Team Themed Card Maker Compilation

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(SW) Hurricane
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Head Admin
(SW) Hurricane

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PostSubject: Team (SW) Team Themed Card Maker Compilation   Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:56 am

    Hey guys, Hurricane here, and I'm bringing you the SECOND team card maker thingamabobber. Last time, there wasn't a clear winner announced (thanks Gale Razz). So, anyways, lets get started. All of the cards you post must have to do with something about Storms, Winds, you get the jest of it. They are to be of an archetype, everything has to have Stormwinds in its name, etc. I figure that all of these cards should have something in common, so let's have them all focus on them having your opponent drawing X amount of cards and having them SEND them to the graveyard, not discarding. The trump cards should be things that return a certain amount of Monsters, Spells, or Traps to their deck to get an epic effect. Have fun, be creative, don't make just monster cards, nothing too broken

Links to sites where you can make cards:
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(SW) Jetstream
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(SW) Jetstream

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PostSubject: Re: Team (SW) Team Themed Card Maker Compilation   Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:04 pm

I call dibs on naming monster cards off of members of the team XD
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Team (SW) Team Themed Card Maker Compilation
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