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 Let us take a stroll through the troll (march banlist)

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PostSubject: Let us take a stroll through the troll (march banlist)   Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:55 pm

Well hello there dear people and people. I hope all of you saw the new banlist that is coming up in march so i would to share with you two decks and some more opinions (i think).

So konami decided to kill wind-ups (GOOD) but mermails and laggia still remain untouched (BAD). What is an easy way to counter these? Easy, negate them. AND HERE is where they made a good choice. Advanced ritual art at 2. This guy here is going to see sooo much game-play in the next format that i might decide to quit at all.


THIS DECK, is focused around negating the key cards you think your opponent might play ( because he might play useless ones to confuse you and you negate them ).
Key card : herald of perfection.
Mainstream combo: Summon herald with dawn of herald, use spell effect to take back monster and have a +1/-1 depending if u will negate. Try to discard all normal monsters in grave with advanced ritual art which you either topped like a fag or searched with manju and use dark factory of mass production to take them back and negate more and so on. Remember, herald can go more than once in a chain, just like idiotic dolkka. You also use the agents engine to get the balls => gachi or w/e => more grave spam => more monsters with factory => more negating. ( yes, herald can negate gorz too ) if you have agent of earth and dawn of herald in hand along with ur ritual get the level 6 agent in hand and move onto the combo. Pretty much you figure out what to do here.


THIS DECK: is self-explanatory. Unless you have not been around in 2009-2011 than you probably should learn to use this DIFFICULT deck. Yes i did call it difficult which is in non-accordance with the moronic masses that we today call duelists. It has many combos, just use it often to get used to it.

So do u like my decks ?
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PostSubject: Re: Let us take a stroll through the troll (march banlist)   Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:21 pm

I already posted a Blackwings deck, but Twilight may be good as well
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Let us take a stroll through the troll (march banlist)
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