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 Deck Of The Week: Harpie Ladies

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(SW) Aklys
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(SW) Aklys

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PostSubject: Deck Of The Week: Harpie Ladies    Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:36 pm

Hey guys, Aklys/Kimono here doing a guest appearance on Timeless (SIN)'s segment, as the title says I will be doing a review of my Harpie Ladies for all of you who are curious, but most of you have seen me play them so you know how annoying they can be Smile

Alright everyone, Harpie Ladies are very annoying as many of you know, they received a lot of support from the new set Tachyon Galaxy, Cards including Harpie Channeler, Hysteric Sign and Harpies' Pet Mirage Dragon. Each of which make this deck devastatingly powerful.

The first card Harpie Channeler allows for special summoning at a small cost, just send a harpie card from the hand to the graveyard and special summon any Harpie monster from the deck to the field except Harpie Channeler and Harpie's Brother. This makes for very easy rank 4 and rank 7 plays such as Big Eye :3 many of you know this already from personal experience Smile Hysteric Sign allowing for searching for Elegant Egotist and when its sent to the graveyard from your hand or field, you get to search out 3 different harpie cards to your hand, this allows for easy replenishing your hand when you overextend in one turn, allowing you to keep a great field along with hand presence. Finally the Rank 4 XYZ Harpies' Pet Mirage Dragon takes 3 wind monsters and makes it so your harpie monsters(including itself) can't be targeted by card effects of for attacks and it is allowed to attack the opponent directly for a whopping 2000 atk(possibly more depending on whether or not you have a Harpie Lady 1 on field to give it an attack boost) this deck is all around good, especially since the newest support was announced Harpie Dancer which gives the deck Tier 0/ Tier 1 capability easy, along with an FTK but I won't get into that here LOL.

Altogether this deck makes people cry and RageQuit, spamming the field full of monsters and still keeping hand presence and exploding almost every turn.

Thanks to Timeless (SIN) for letting me do this segment, I can't wait to read your next one ^^
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(SW) the-black-devil.
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Super Moderator
(SW) the-black-devil.

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PostSubject: Re: Deck Of The Week: Harpie Ladies    Sat Mar 09, 2013 10:48 am

nice best man for this topic the harpie king (kimono)
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Deck Of The Week: Harpie Ladies
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