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 Tech Time With Aklys #4

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(SW) Aklys
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(SW) Aklys

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PostSubject: Tech Time With Aklys #4    Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:26 am

Hey guys, back for another Tech Time! Haven't done one of these in a while so forgive any mistakes I make, just trying to start this back up.
Today our topic for talk is Breakthrough Skill ^^
This is a normal trap card that when you activate it, negates a monster your opponent controls' effect and then goes to the graveyard, then, after the end phase of that turn, on your turn when your opponent tries to use another monster effect, you can banish it from the graveyard and negate again until the end phase XD
This card trolls so much and it's not just that, it is a great replacement for effect veilers in just about any deck except chaos or twilight, macro cosmos doesn't stop you from getting at least one negation off of it, making it a good card to use in macro rabbit over veilers.
So guys, try this card out and tech it in as you see fit and I'll be back soon to give you another Tech Time Smile
Give me some feedback on this, tell me if you liked it or didn't and why, it helps me to know what you guys think so i can either keep doing it right or make it better.
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Timeless (Sin)
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Timeless (Sin)

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PostSubject: Re: Tech Time With Aklys #4    Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:33 am

Love this card so good better than veiler in some cases
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Tech Time With Aklys #4
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