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 Deck of the week Throwback

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Timeless (Sin)
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Timeless (Sin)

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PostSubject: Deck of the week Throwback   Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:49 am

Do you guys remember the time when the synchros was a new concept And there was a 300 doller boss monster that we all love known as Dark Armed Dragon. I do and my favorite format of all time was the tele-dad Format. That format was truly based on skillIts the reason Dark armed got limited It was also the reason Destiny Hero malicious was put to 2. IUt was also the reason Crush card virus got banned not to forget the fact that emergency teleport was limited and allure of darkness limited as well. This deck was tier 0. Thats right tier 0 Think about mermails on crack And multiply it by ten Thats what you had back in the day. Also you basicly dropped DAD whenever you wanted too And solemn judgment was at 3 this format people So when you started swinging for game and you had triple solemn set lol those were crazy times My favorite combo with the deck was summon sangan set crush card (2 of my favorite cards Gone but never forgotten )': This deck abused malicious and e tele using them too sync for 8 while getting the exact 3 darks in the grave for DAD. When this deck started doing its combos it was nearly impossible to win. If you opend Mali a discard outlet and a E teleport its basicly gg lol. Well guys i would love to heasr feedback and remember Dont forget the old decks they paved the way for the new ones
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(SW) Aklys
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PostSubject: Re: Deck of the week Throwback   Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:29 pm

absolutely man, i remember this deck, it was great, there is a updated version that topped a couple locals around me that apparently works pretty well, the loss of sangan hurts it a lot though and we can replace the loss of 2 judgments with dark bribes ^^
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Deck of the week Throwback
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