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 Where Are We All Now?

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PostSubject: Where Are We All Now?   Thu Sep 26, 2013 10:35 pm

Well, since the team is now officially dead, I'd like to keep up with all of you. I now that it's been a while, months actually, since anyone has posted on this forum, and even longer since people actually cared. There are a few of you, such as Gale and TBD that I have kept in touch with, but many of you that I haven't. As for me, I've moved on. I'm now a part of Team HOE. I've gotten to be close friends with a lot of admins, senior admins, and even head admins. I'm working towards becoming an administrator myself as well. There are a few of you, such as Kimono and Nytrex that I just have no idea where you are. I miss you guys, and I want to stay in touch.
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Where Are We All Now?
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